Welcome to Smart Exchange

Originally started in 1989 as Harib Sultan Exchange, and renamed in 2009 as Smart Exchange, we operate in UAE with the network of 6 branches at present. The company is engaged in Remittance services to the expatriate population in UAE through various Currency corridors. For this purpose we have tie ups with various remittance organizations like Western Union, Coinstar, Tansfast etc. We have also correspondent banking arrangement with major banks across the continents facilitating cross boarder remittances directly to the bank accounts.

The company also extends money exchange services at competitive rates at all the branches.

Products & Services

  • Buying/Selling
  • Commercial Remittances
  • Home Remittance
  • WPS System
  • Currency Buying and Selling

    Smart Exchange is engaged in buying and selling all major types of currencies, offering the best exchange rates. It also recognizes customers' special needs, if any. We provide clients with the most reliable solution to their currency needs in terms of exchange rates, delivery schedule and customer service.


  • Commercial Remittance

    Sending money locally, regionally or internationally is a fast growing demand for businesses. Whether it's to remit to a business partner, to disburse funds to beneficiaries in a remote location or to pay an international service provider/supplier, Smart Exchange offers a dependable, remittance service that's guaranteed to deliver promptly at highly favorable rates.


  • Home Remittance

    We are at the service of the large expatriate population of UAE who needs to remit money to their near and dear ones at home for family needs and also for savings. We have tie ups with prominent service providers such as Western Union, Transfast, Coinstar besides various Bank arrangements.
    Remittance requires just a visit to our office and money can be received at the home location or in your bank account in minutes.*


  • Wages Protection System (WPS)

    Wages Protection System (WPS) is a Government mandated salary transfer system that facilitates institutions to pay workers wages via banks, bureau de change, and financial institutions approved and authorized to provide the service. Smart Exchange is the approved payroll service provider from Ministry of labor under Wage Protection System (WPS), an initiative jointly by UAE Ministry of labor and Central Bank of UAE.


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